Lindsay Marie

Inspired by beautiful destinations around the world, every piece is completely made by hand by Lindsay herself and a small team of skilled jewelers and artisans in the USA. The design process starts with an inspiration, then a piece is made either from sketch or organically by putting creative skills at work and watching a piece come to life from start to finish, with every Swarovski stone placed by hand. From the beginning of the design process to the beautiful packaging, you can expect a true luxury experience and heirloom quality adornments.


Striving to make the world not only prettier, but better.   A portion of proceeds from every item sold, both in store at your local studio carrying Lindsay Marie and online will be donated to Beagle Freedom Project and a local animal rescue or shelter.  Find out more about Beagle Freedom Project here.


Dedicated to Lindsay’s dogs / fur kids Daffodil aka Daffy and Lily – Lindsay